Upcoming Blog Posts!

Promises, promises, promises. The challenge with writing a blog are all the promises you make to yourself and your readers. Promises such as I 'promise' to write at least a post a week, I 'promise' to get reviews finished within a reasonable amount of time and I 'promise' to leave no stone unturned!

Well, obviously once you read this list, a few of those promises are made to be broken. But this is my promise to you, by hell or high water I will finish the blog posts listed below... eventually ;)

Does spring cleaning now include cleaning out a pile of draft posts?

L'Oreal Canada Beauty Sale - Ideal Moisture, Essie Grow Faster, L'Oreal Colour Riche & Ombrelle

L'Oreal Beauty Sale Haul

This one is a LONG TIME COMING. I went to a beauty sale for L'Oreal back in March and while I didn't leave with too much stuff, I did get a few interesting L'Oreal lipsticks and a pretty sweet Kiehl's box that I want to review. Nothing timely or urgent, just good standard products.

Meet your Match

Sephora Meet Your Match

This one isn't so old, I only got it last week! But, that said, this is one of my favourite purchases of 2014! Despite not needing any more lipstick/balm/gloss or nail polish until the cows come home, I wanted to sample these higher end producst to see if they are worth it. This set features Bite, Hourglass and Tarte lip products and Nails Inc, Formula X for Sephora and Deborah Lippman polish. (Spoiler alert, it was worth it!)

Samplesource - Spring 2014

Gotta love Sample Source. It doesn't always have the most exciting products but it's free and a great way to try new products. FREE!

Elle Beauty Box - Spring 2014

Elle only recently started sending these boxes out, I receieved one in the fall that had a nail polish, razor, shampoo and other products in it, and this season's one is cute too. FREE!

BzzAgent Garnier Naked Volume Collection

I am a SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER SAMPLE MAGNET. After getting not one but two sets of Pantene's latest lines (the NatureFusion & Damage Detox line) what else should show up but a survey for another type of shampoo/conditioner? I'm excited to try this new line though because it's paraben free and silicone free. I stopped using shampoos/conditioners with silicone awhile ago to address terrible buildup in my hair, so the more 'naked' the better.

I wrote it! Here's the post: BzzAgent Garnier Naked Volume collection review

Soap & Glory - Good, Butter, Best include Butter Yourself, The Righteous Butter and Sugar Crush

Soap and Glory - Good, Butter, Best & Bright and Bubbly

This is an oldie (so old that the photos are TERRRRIBLE!) But I really want to review my Soap and Glory products because it's an interesting brand with some real classic staples that don't change too much from year to year.

Essence Bloom Me Up!

Bloom me up!

This cute, spring pastel collection from my favourite drug-store brand was only in stores for a millisecond before it sold out. I purchased a polish, an eyeshadow, a powder and some nail stickers and want to share them with you guys.

How to get clean, healthy nails

I've had a lot of my friends who want to get into nailpolish ask me this recently, so I'm working on a blog with some great natural tips, and a list of products that help with nail health.

Phew, let's hope I can start tackling this list sooner rather than later, ok?